High Speed
Wireless Internet
Photograph by Michael Asbill.
Locally Operated
Myvocom LLC is the only wireless Internet provider in Daggett County, Utah. The company has been locally owned and operated in Manila for over 20 years and providing Internet-related service since 2003. Myvocom now brings high-speed, wireless Internet service to local residents; a service often reserved for residents of larger communities.

Myvocom owns the mountain that overlooks the town of Manila from the north and has placed its Internet broadcast antennas atop the mountain to optimize quality and reliablity of service. Our service is available up to 10 miles from Manila proper, south, east, and west of town. We also offer service in parts of Lonetree and McKinnon, Wyoming and Dutch John, Utah.
Service Includes...
Myvocom wireless Internet customers enjoy excellent download speeds* considerably faster than the best available dial up! Very fast upload speeds are provided for small transfers while faster speeds for large file transfers can be negotiated*. In addition to great bandwidth, when you sign up as a wireless Internet customer, you will also be provided with up to 5 e-mail addresses for you and your family.

* Actual throughput varies dependent on the number of active users at the time of measurement.
So, how much is it?

$30/month for residential customers.
$40/month for business customers.

NO INSTALLATION FEE for standard installations.
Call for details.
What You Need
Not much! You must have your own PC, in good operating condition, with an available ethernet port. Myvocom provides the rest.* You will also be required to sign our
Internet Service Agreement Pdf-inline.

* Myvocom retains ownership of all installed wireless equipment.
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