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Photograph by Michael Asbill.
Pay Your Bill On-lineNov. 1, 2012
Myvocom is once again accepting credit cards for you monthly wireless Internet payments. Additionally you can now pay your bill using Paypal. If you want to pay with a credit card or with Paypal you will need to contact us so that we can create an account for you on our website. To make a payment you will need to log into From the website you will be able to navigate to a secure Paypal site from which you can pay your bill. Contact us for further details. Launch Oct. 1, 2010
A few months back we installed a new webcam overlooking the Lucerne Valley Marina and put up a website with more general intentions. Today we moved our webcam that overlooks Manila to that site (and removed it from this one). To help folks find the webcam and the new site we will leave the link on this website for a while. The new website is located at Be sure to check it out!
Manila Webcam On-line! Nov. 7, 2009
Our web camera (webcam for short) overlooking Manila is back! Check it out here. We know many of you have missed the webcam and will be glad to have it back. Feel free to use it as often as you like whether you are a local or a visitor planning an outing to Flaming Gorge or the High Unintahs, to go fishing, hunting, or boating. We have added links to the webcam page in the white link bar, just under the photos at the top, and in the blue link bar, at the bottom, of every page on our website to make the webcam easy to find. Additionally, you can book mark the webcam page or make it your homepage if you like.
Myvocom's New Website Sep. 23, 2009
Our new website is here. It is still under construction, but we have lots of big plans for it that will save time for us and our customers including this news page. Eventually this page will collect news about happenings at Myvocom and the surrounding area. The page will include search capabilities for finding past stories and will be integrated with Twitter so that you can get up-to-the-minute information about viruses, outages, and other Internet related issues. Check back soon!
Added Bandwidth Sep. 23, 2009
Myvocom has purchased an additional 1.5 Mbs of bandwidth. This new Internet pipeline is not actually located in Manila. While this new bandwidth does not benefit wireless customers directly it frees up bandwidth for wireless customers that has in the past been consumed by traffic to websites hosted by Myvocom. Additionally, we are using the bandwidth to offload the ridiculous amounts of bandwidth consumed by spam. We expect the added bandwidth to eventally result in a 50% increase in available bandwidth for our wireless Internet customers.
White Mountain Lumber's New Look Sep. 23, 2009
White Mountain Lumber & Rentals, located in Green River, WY has a new website. Their new website features a dynamic rental inventory. The rental inventory feature will help the lumber and rental company get the word out about all the things they rent. The new web site was designed and developed by Anzan Technologies, LLC.
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