About Myvocom LLC
Photograph by Pat Asbill.
Located In Beautiful Manila, Utah
Myvocom LLC was first established in Riverdale, Utah in 1984 as a cable television consulting company. In addition, to consulting, we also provided leading edge microwave interference filters for use in cable TV systems. Eventually, Myvocom became interested in small cable TV systems, especially in rural areas, which lead to the purchase of the cable TV system in Manila, Utah and construction of the Dutch John system. In 1989, Myvocom moved its office to Manila to better serve the local community.

The turn of the century saw the proliferation of personal satellite TV systems that included reception of local TV stations. With this new trend, maintanence of cable TV systems in rural communities became impractical, so Myvocom needed to reinvent itself; enter Internet service. Today, Myvocom LLC is the only high-speed, wireless internet provider in Dagget County. It is Myvocom's unique ability to manage the cost of communications technology that makes such a system possible in such a small market place and it is the community that benefits.
Physical:368 N. Main Street
Manila, UT
Mailing:P.O. Box 127
Manila, UT 84046
Telephone and E-Mail
You may contact Myvocom by telephone or e-mail.

Office:(435) 784-3175
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